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03-25-12 Radio Chicagoland USS Liberty, Illinois Primary

March 26, 2012

- 8 AM Topics this morning ... Geortge Zimmerman's murder of a 17 year old who was walking through his neighborhood to get home in Sanford, Florida carrying a bag of Skittles candy and taking on his cell phone wearing a "hoody," and we discuss the U.S.S Liberty attack 45 years ago that killed 34 Americans including 33 soldiers.

- 8:30 AM Phil Tourney of the USS Liberty survivors organization discusses the online battle with Cindy McCain, the wife of US Senator John McCain who says she doesn't care about the killing of American soldiers -- when it isn't politically correct. Survivors have been posting comments on her Facebook fan page and she angrily has deleted them saying she "doesn't care" about that issue of her father-in-law's role in covering up the killings of the 34 American soldiers and civilians by the Israeli military on June 8, 1967. Click to read a story on it.

- 9 AM Author Paola Caridi will be in Chicago from March 26th to 29th to speak at the University of Chicago & Northwestern about her new book, Hamas; From Resistance to Government discussing the rise of Hamas and the complex feelings that Palestinians have toward getting behind a government that supports violent resistance. Caridi asserts Hamas is caught between the desire to resist its oppressor and the need to provide support for a refugee people. Caridi conducted years of on-the-ground research and interviews with residents of Gaza and leaders of Hamas. Journalist and historian PAOLA CARIDI has lived in the Middle East and Jerusalem since 2001. She contributed to the founding of the press agency Lettera22 and has worked with several Italian dailies, weeklies and reviews. Hamas: From Resistance To Government, her second book, was published in Italy in 2009 and in Palestine in March 2010. She maintains a blog, Invisiblearabs, on Arab pop culture and politics.

- 9:20 AM We'll review the results of the March 20 Illinois Primary in the GOP Presidential contest between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum with media and political consultant Jeff Davis of Victory Media. We'll also look at the results in other election contests including in the heated battle for the Board of Review between Republicans Sean Morrison and Dan Patlak, and other battles including Rick Munoz versus Dorothy Brown in the Democratic battle for Circuit Court Clerk, and more. The slate backed by extremist Congressman Luis Gutierrez was defeated across the board. What impact will that have on Guttierez' fanaticism? Click here to read a column on the election turnout.

... we also talk about the Etch a Sketch controversy. Click to read story

Other issues: -- Florida law takes the right of homeowners to defend themselves to a new level, allowing people to kill someone who they perceive is attacking them. It's called the "stand your ground law." Last week, a self-proclaimed vigilante in Miami George Zimmerman shot and killed an unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, alleging that the boy attacked him. The dead boy was found with Skittles in his hand. Are legislators in Florida really that stupid and doesn't that make Florida one of the most unsafe states in America today where you can be killed because someone else thought you were threatening them, even though you have a gun and the alleged attacker doesn't? And, does this ridiculous "Stand Your Ground" Law also apply to the dead teenager. Zimmerman reportedly was following the teenager and does the teenager have the right to defend himself under that law? Or, does the law only apply to the survivor, not the murder victim? Read a story on this tragedy.