Ray Hanania’s The Arab street Podcast

06-29-12 Radio Baladi George Hishmeh

Radio Baladi broadcast every Friday on WNZK AM 690 radio in Detroit, Michigan live. Hosted by Ray Hanania. www.RadioBaladi.com. Guest is George Hishmeh, columnist for the Gulf News and Jordan Times and former editor-in-chief of the Star Newspaper in Lebanon. Discusses the presidential election context between President Obama and Republican Mitt Romney, events in Egypt and the election of Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. Also Syria and dictator Bashar al-Assad, and the challenges facing American Arabs and also the failure of American Arab leadership to lead.

06-24-12 Radio Chicagoland Pat Camden Matt Sienkiewicz

Radio Chicagoland Sunday June 24, 2012 with Ray Hanania, Kheir Fakhreldin  and Nada Tadros. Featuring interviews with Pat Camden, spokesman for the Fraternal Order of Police on the rising street gang problem, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel's failure to address Chicago Police needs. We discuss how to battle street gangs and the need to hire more police in Chicago. Police ranks are down from a high of 13,000 to under 10,000 officers. Also we talk with Matt Sienkiewicz who produced the documentary Live from Bethlehem which focuses on the Maan News Agency, one of the most independent and professional journalism news organizations covering Palestine and Israel. While the Arab and Jewish media have focused on partisan politics, Maan News provides the news straight and objective. www.MaanNews.net. We also discuss the reactions to the presidential elections in Egypt and the winner Mohammed Mursi, defeating the Mubarak era prime minister Ahmed Shafiq whow as favored by the military. Mursi is with the Muslim Brotherhood. Christians have begun expressing anger and disappointment in the election results. We'll see how Democracy survives and whether Egypt will break their peace with Israel. Also, we discuss the Jerry Sandusky conviction and the need to continue to hold Penn State responsible for the culture of exploitation of children by its sports establishment. So many at Penn State were silent knowing how Sandusky was but doing nothing about it to protect their college achievements in sports and football. www.RadioChicagoland.com

06-22-12 Radio Baladi Amin El Gamal

Radio Baladi with Ray Hanania Friday June 22, 2012. Guest is Amin El Gamal, Egyptian American actor. Gamal discusses his starring role in Episode 5 of the first season of HBO Cable TV's The Newsroom starring Jeff Daniels. Gamal plays an Egyptian blogger in Egypt reporting on the pro-Democracy protests and the Arab Spring. The series begins Sunday June 24. Gamal's episode 5 features broadcasts on Sunday July 22, 2012. WNZK AM radio. Live interview. 8 AM EST Detroit region. www.RadioBaladi.com. The Newsroom explores issues in American journalism and the rise of opinion passing itself off as news. The station is a composite of CNN, MSNBC, etc.

06-17-12 Radio Chicagoland Haidar abuShaqra, Amin El-Gamal and Ali Younes

Radio Chicagoland Sunday June 17, 2012. Ray Hanania. Guests include Nidal AbuShaqra and Dana AbuShaqra on the disappearance of their relative Haidar AbuShaqra on Dec. 7, 2011 in Connecticut. On the Terrorism Watch List, Haidar mysteriously disappeared. Was he taken by the FBI or the Justice Department? Did something bad happen as a result of a controversial lease arrangement? Did he flee the country in the face of some financial problems? The family believes he did not flee the country (the government has his passport);

Amin El-Gamal discusses his TV role on HBO's new series Newsroom. In episode 5 July 22, Amin plays an Egyptian blogger covering the pro-Democracy protests in Cairo's Tahrir Square. We talka bout his positive role on TV and the challenges he has faced as an American Arab actor. Plus we plan a July 22 Amin El-Gamal Day to celebrate the show's broadcast.

Ali Younes discusses the election for president in Egypt.

www.RadioChicagoland.com WSBC 1240 AM and WCFJ 1470 AM radio. Ray Hanania and Kheir Fakhreldin.

06-15-12 Radio Baladi Where is Haidar AbuShaqra?

Radio Baladi Friday June 15, 2012. Host Ray Hanania interviews award winning columnist Ali Younes and Dana AbuShaqra, the niece of Haidar AbuShaqra who mysteriously disappeared on Dec. 7, 2011 in Connecticut. Was he the victim of a crime or the FBI and Justice Department campaign against American Arabs and Muslims? Also interviewed is Imam Mardini about an arson hate crime against the Muslim Community Center in Detroit. www.RadioBaladi.com. Broadcast every Friday on WNZK AM 690 radio.