Ray Hanania’s Podcast: Mainstream & Middle East

10-26-12 Radio Baladi Eid Syria

Radio Baladi Friday October 26, 2012 with host Ray Hanania www.RadioBaladi.com discussing issues from the Middle East with listeners.

This morning's discussion is what to do about Syria; celebration of Eid al Adhu (Feast of the Sacrifice which remembers Abraham's sacrifice to God); and also a discussion with callers about the turmoil in Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan and the oppression and brutality against civilians in Israel. Chaldeans. Christians. Muslims. Sunni. Shi'ite. Alawite.

10-19-12 Radio Baladi Showtime Homeland Racism

Radio Baladi podcast Friday Oct. 19, 2012 WNZK AM 690 Radio 8-9 am EST with host Ray Hanania www.RadioBaladi.com

We discuss with callers the racist Showtime program "Homeland," an Israeli produced program that promotes hatred and racism against Arabs and Muslims using false stereotypes and Israeli-driven political racism against Palestinians and Arabs and Muslims. We discuss the need to boycott not only the settler racists and their products but also the need to boycott Israel because Israelis refuse to step up to the plate to stop their own racist hatred. Israelis tolerate racism when it is against Arabs and Muslims and scream and whine when the racism is against them. They need to stop being hypocrites. But Arabs and Muslims in America need to fight this battle by standing up to the viciousness of Showtime's racist program "Homeland." Do something America. Stop the lies, the anti-Semitic anti-Arab hate.

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10-12-12 Radio Baladi Jordan & Region

Radio Baladi on WNZK AM 690 Radio in Detroit Friday Oct. 12, 2012 www.RadioBaladi.com with host Ray Hanania

Discussion on the turmoil in the Middle East: Turkey versus Syria; Democracy in Egypt. We take phone calls and discuss the challenges between Christians and Muslims in the Arab World and the oppression of Israel against Christians in the Holy Land. Ali Younes joins us towards the end of the program to talk about the politics of Jordan, the "welfare state" which controls the population and minimizes the Palestinian vote to maintain a Jordanian majority.

10-05-12 Radio Baladi Maen Areikat

Radio Baladi Friday Oct. 5, 2012, WNZK AM 690 radio www.RadioBaladi.com with Ray Hanania

Palestine Liberation Organization Washington Ambassador the Honorable Maen Areikat joins in a discussion of the move by the Palestine National Authority to push for enhanced recognition in the United Nations as a Palestine State. We'll discuss Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' speech to the UN.