Ray Hanania’s Podcast: Mainstream & Middle East

01-11-13 Radio Baladi Chuck Hagel

Radio Baladi with host Ali Younes and Ray Hanania discuss the debate over the nomination of Chuck Hagel for US Secretary of Defense and discuss the touchy political issue of addressing the influence of American Jews and the pro-Israel lobby's headlock on American politics when it comes to the Middle East. Younes and Hanania break the sacred cows and discuss the truth of how to address the politics, rejecting claims of anti-Semitism and saying that activism by Jews, Arabs, Christians and Muslims can be discussed in a proper context devoid of anti-Semitism and racist hatred. Broadcast Friday Jan. 11, 2013 on WNZK AM 690 radio. 8 am www.RadioBaladi.com

01-04-13 Radio Baladi Time Warner bigotry

Radio Baladi Friday Jan. 4, 2013. Discussion on the decision by Time Warner Cable TV to drop Current TV from its broadcast lineup after Current TV was purchased by alJazeera Arab Satellite TV channel. Host and columnist for the Saudi Gazette Ray Hanania discusses the issue with Al-Arabiya columnist Ali Younes and with callers. www.RadioBaladi.com. Discussion of racism in the mainstream American news media. Journalism and journalistic boas. News media discrimination. CBS TV, NBC TV, ABC TV, FOX News TV, MSNBC, CNN TV. Can American Arabs break the hate barrier of the mainstream American news media?