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05-17-13 Radio Baladi Newseum Syria Google

Radio Baladi with Ray Hanania and Ali Younes on WNZK AM 690 Radio Friday May 17, 2013 www.RadioBaladi.com. Topics include the new campaign by Google to censor Arab writers online by targeting and shutting down their blogs. Hundreds of blogs by American Arabs and Arabs in the Middle East have been closed, claiming to be "spam sites."The truth maybe that Google recognize Palestine as a state a few weeks back and designated the West Bank as Palestine and that caused an uproar in the pro-Israel hate community. Google maybe trying to appease the Israeli extremists and fanatics by targeting the hate groups, rather than reversing themselves and calling Palestine Ïsrael"as the pro-Israeli haters are demanding.

Also, they discuss the situation in Jordan with the rise of Syrian refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria and oppression of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad whose military has targeted civilians. The conflict has created an opportunity for terrorists like al-Qaeda to infiltrate and engage the conflict, also. The Syria conflict has divided the Arab Community and the Arab World.

Finally, we also talk about the shameful conduct of the Newseum, the Journalism Museum in Washington DC, which this week caved to pro-Israel hate activists. Last week, the Newseum announced it was recognizing as "Fallen Heroes" 88 journalists who were killed in conflict zones, including two Palestinian journalist working for the Hams-owned TV station al-Quds. The journalists, Mahmoud AlKumi and Hussam (Hossam) Salama, were driving in their car which was marked as "TV" on the roof -- standard practice for war zone journalists. They had just left covering a story at al-Shifaa hospital in Central Gaza where scores of Palestinian civilians were being treated who were attacked by Israeli military and settlers by missiles and bombs. The Israeli military IDF fired two missiles at the car killing both journalists. Israel claims all Palestinians are terrorists and therefore can be killed no matter their jobs, profession or even age.

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05-10-13 Radio Baladi Syrian Refugees Israeli Peace

Radio Baladi broadcast Friday May 10, 2013 on WNZK AM 690 radio live in Metro-Detroit and online at www.RadioBaladi.com with co-hosts Ray Hanania and Ali Younes. We discuss the rising tensions in Jordan with the influx of Syrian refugees, efforts to bring about an end to the Syrian government oppression of its people, the Benghazi attacks and the aftermath, and Israel's decision to build more settlements in the West Bank rejecting peace with the Palestinians. Read Ray Hanania's columns and view his online video commentary blog at www.Hanania.com or www.RayHanania.com ... we also talk with Jesse Greene who lives in new York and has been trying to include products grown by Palestinians in his food coop and he discusses the challenges he is facing. Reach him on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/JesseGreene01

05-03-13 Radio Baladi Jordan Syria API PEW

Radio Baladi Friday May 3, 2013 live on WNZK AM 690 Radio in Metro Detroit with co-hosts Ray Hanania and Ali Younes www.RadioBaladi.com. Hanania and Younes discuss events in Jordan where Younes joins us via Skype. They also discuss the Syrian Refugee problem and the conflict in Syria against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. And they discuss the recent proposal by the Arab League to swap land for land between Israel and Palestine to achieve a peace accord. They also discuss the PEW Study of 38,000 Muslims throughout the World offering insight into how Muslims think about conversion, peace, suicide bombings and more.