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Interview with AAUP VP Peter Kirstein on Columbia College-Iymen Chehade controversy

Peter Kirstein, PH.D, is the vice president of the Illinois Conference of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP). He discusses a recent AAUP report which concluded that Columbia College Professor Iymen Chehade had been discriminated against by the College following an anonymous complaint that was made accusing him of bias in his class instruction addressing the Israel-Palestine conflict. The report described Columbia College's actions as "inappropriate, arbitrary and a violation of Instructor Chehade’s academic freedom." Kirstein is also Chairman of the Illinois Committee A on Academic Freedom and Tenure, and a Professor of History at Saint Xavier University. The AAUP website is www.ILAAUP.org. The program is hosted by Ray Hanania, managing editor of the Arab Daily News online at www.TheArabDailyNews.com.

Interview with Iymen Chehade Columbia College Professor 3-26-14

IymenChehade.jpgColumbia College Professor Iymen Chehade discusses the censorship of his class by the Chicago Illinois based College administration after an anonymous student filed an official complaint against him accusing him of bias. Although the College failed to do a complete investigation or to identify the individual making the complaint, Professor Chehade's class was censored and he was prevented from teaching an important segment of the class he has been teaching for the past three years on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Chehade discusses the incident, the response of the college and protests that have been directed against the college because of its obvious anti-Arab bias. Columbia College has a history of anti-Arab conduct and the Chehade incident is only the latest. Host Ray Hanania on the Arab Daily News podcast. Click here to read a story about Iymen Chehade's case. Produced by The Arab Daily News podcast www.TheArabDailyNews.com. Discrimination against American Arab professors from pro-Israel extremists has increased and many college and universities around the country are denying American Arabs their rights to convey aspects of the Israel-Palestine conflict that challenge the lies and distortions from the pro-Israel fanatics.

03-20-14 Interview with Comedian Ramzy Sweis

Ray Hanania interviews Ramzy Sweis, the Humor Editor at the Arab Daily News online news website www.TheArabDailyNews.com about his comedy career and whack-a-doodle life.

RamzySweis1.jpgBorn in Melrose Park, IL; grew up in ‘Windy City’ Chicago. At 6, in 1989, my family & I moved to south suburb Oak Forest. Precisely 5 days later, I met my best friends. For over a decade, the 3 of us were together yet magnanimous. I have an older brother & a younger sister who also positively impact me to this very day; with whom I have a memory quilt.

Writers chase their shadow. William Saroyan said: "The writer is a spiritual anarchist, as in the depth of his soul every person is." I’ve had a colorful & frivolous 29 years. Worked construction; a pantry-cook in college. I studied at 6 alternate colleges. A trained boxer. My script, You Can’t See God, won awards from Chicago Screenwriter’s Network (whom I worked for) to Tribeca. I directed, acted & edited a 70-minute biopic on tinnitus. I’m currently shooting a standup comedy show: “I Never Repeat A Joke.”

At 19, I submitted a novella, Joy, Faith, Hope, June & Grace, to Vanity Press (received rave reviews by its’ readers). I performed surgery on it, revising it 12 times in passing 9 years. I cut 100 pages for starters. I retained the original copy. I am the only author with 2 different stories of the same plot. Fraternal twins instead of Siamese. Marketing gold. We are wired to listen; metaphors abound for what works best to engage. When I think of a joke, I take the audience on a journey. Laughter is a miracle — people see the world differently afterward. Jot ideas to strengthen the muscles. The detection of great art is conceived in the perception of imagination. Zoom in with copious detail; captivate; a pleasure to viewers who want to absorb not think!

Jordan accepts Apology that doesn’t exist from Israel 03-18-14

A Jordanian Judge who was traveling to Nablus, Palestine, Raed Zeiter, was shot and killed by Israeli border guards at the Allenby Bridge crossing on Monday, March 10, when he allegedly protested against abuse by the soldiers. For more than one week, Israel did not issue any statement on the killing, which critics charged was unprovoked, and Jordanians protested throughout the country against the murder. Jordanian military and police brutally suppressed the protests. After more than one week of criticism, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli President Shimon Peres called Jordan's King Abdullah II and offered their "regrets" over the death. Jordan immediately told the Jordanian public that Peres had "apologized." In fact, there was no apology. The story was picked up by Ali Younes, the editor of The Arab Daily News online. Younes discusses the story and the ramifications of the story with The Arab Daily News Managing Editor Ray Hanania. Click here for the story link. Podcast March 18, 2014.