Ray Hanania’s The Arab street Podcast

Interview with Iymen Chehade Columbia College Professor 3-26-14

March 26, 2014

IymenChehade.jpgColumbia College Professor Iymen Chehade discusses the censorship of his class by the Chicago Illinois based College administration after an anonymous student filed an official complaint against him accusing him of bias. Although the College failed to do a complete investigation or to identify the individual making the complaint, Professor Chehade's class was censored and he was prevented from teaching an important segment of the class he has been teaching for the past three years on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Chehade discusses the incident, the response of the college and protests that have been directed against the college because of its obvious anti-Arab bias. Columbia College has a history of anti-Arab conduct and the Chehade incident is only the latest. Host Ray Hanania on the Arab Daily News podcast. Click here to read a story about Iymen Chehade's case. Produced by The Arab Daily News podcast www.TheArabDailyNews.com. Discrimination against American Arab professors from pro-Israel extremists has increased and many college and universities around the country are denying American Arabs their rights to convey aspects of the Israel-Palestine conflict that challenge the lies and distortions from the pro-Israel fanatics.