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Telephone Scam Artists from

Telephone Scam Artists from "IRS" can't even speak English -- morons
Friday | June 27, 2014 | 9:31 AM CDT | 54 seconds
“This message is intended for Raymond Hanania to remind you you have any. This is officer Brad Nelson calling you from IRS Internal Revenue Service tax audit Department. Raymond Hanania. This is in reference to a legal case file on your name. If you knew that it's legal system is been either be want you or your agent attorney off record to call us back on an urgent basis on our toll free. My toll free number is 8773914356. I repeat it's 8773914356 as soon as you get this message you want to call me on my direct line number for owners and business. We have waiting for your call. Goodbye and have a great day.”
These callers are idiots. A clear sign that they are scammer is they can't speak English at all. This moron calls himself "Brad Nelson" but he sounds like Hubba Bubba from Nigeria or Uganda. Real idiots, but fun to listen too.