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07-29-14 Fight for free speech at Academic Institutions

Host Ray Hanania interviews Iymen Chehade and Peter Kirstein on the ramifications of the controversy surrounding the failed effort by Columbia College to cancel a class Professor Chehade was teaching on the Palestine-Israel conflict. Chehade's course was cancelled in November 2013 when a student alleged he was biased -- for showing a movie celebrated by Palestinians and Israelis, called "5 Broken Cameras." Click here for past articles and interviews.

Chehade received the support of the Illinois Chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) and its Illinois Vice President Peter Kirstein, who is also a history professor at St. Xavier University in Chicago. Kirstein and Chehade reflect on the battle that forced Columbia College to reinstate the course, and discuss Chehade's appointment to the AAUP's "Committee A on Academic Freedom & Tenure."
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07-17-14 Israel’s invasion of Gaza, Hanania & Younes debate the issues

07-17-14 Israel's invasion of Gaza, Hanania & Younes debate the issues

Arab Daily News editors Ray Hanania and Ali Younes debate and discuss the issues surrounding the decision by Israel to launch a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip. Did Hamas or Israel start the current conflict? What are Israel's objectives? Is Hamas acting as a responsible government or are they terrorists with no strategic agenda other than conflict? Why is it that none of the Arab countries or the Muslim World have stepped in to speak out in defense of Hamas or the Palestinians in this conflict? Is the use of violence in the form of resistance against Israel effective or a detriment to the Palestinians and do they have other options? Hanania and Younes discuss these and other topics in this freewheeling 30 minute podcast discussion and debate. What is Egypt's role int he conflict and why are they siding with Israel? Why hasn't Hezbollah entered the conflict? And can the United States intervene to prevent the bloodshed that is one-sided and has taken more than 235 Palestinian lives including the deaths of more than 45 children? 

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07-11-14 Israel’s war against the Palestinian

Ali Younes and Ray Hanania, editors at The Arab Daily News online news website at www.TheArabDailyNews.com discuss the many aspects of the bombardment by Israel of the Palestinian civilians living in the Gaza Strip. Issues include how the conflict started and the factual history that shows Israeli settlers and soldiers were murdering and attacking Palestinian civilians long before the tragic June 12, 2014 kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers (Naftali Frankel and Gil-ad Sha'er, both 16, and Eyal Yifrach, 19) and the subsequent torture murder of Mohammad Abu Khdeir the day that the bodies of the three Israeli children were discovered. Since then, nearly 100 Palestinians have been killed including 23 children, according to Reuters News Service. Issues include how the conflict started. The exaggeration of the killings. The imbalance of how only Palestinians are being killed by Israeli bombardment of Gaza yet the media focuses on the Hamas and Palestinian resistance to Israel's assault which has resulted in no Israeli killed. The bias of the mainstream American media including ABC TV and Diane Sawyer using video of the destruction of Palestinian areas and misrepresenting them as video showing the destruction of Israelis. Also, what responsibilities do the Arabs have in the war. Is there a difference between an Israeli government committing war crimes and individual militant Palestinians committing war crimes? Are Arabs responding properly or are they dysfunctional and incompetent in defending themselves in the public debate? And why is the Arab World not standing up to defend the Palestinians who are being massacred by Israel's indiscriminate attack mainly against civilian targets in the Gaza Strip? Who is responsible and what can be done.