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01-23-15 Saudi King Dies; Yemen in turmoil; Bridgeview Mosque threatened

Journalist and editor Ali Younes joins Ray Hanania on Talk of the Town Radio on 1450 AM live and on Yahala Voice to discuss the recent death of Saudi Arabia monarch King Abdullah. They also discuss the turmoil that has overcome Yemen as the former pro-American dictator pushes to destabilize the government there giving al-Qaeda an advantage. We also discuss the threats made on Facebook against the Bridgeview Mosque Foundation Mosque (Bridgeview, Illinois) and the rise of anti-Islamic hatred in America today.

Younes and Hanania are co-editors of The Arab Daily News online newspaper. www.TheArabDailyNews.com. Listen to Talk of the Town Radio every Friday beginning at 4:05 pm CST Chicago Time (5:05 New York; 2:05 Los Angeles) on radio or live online at www.YahalaVoice.com (12:05 am Jerusalem time).

01-16-15 Ali Younes on Charlie Hebdo terrorism

Co-Editor of The Arab Daily News online (www.TheArabDailyNews.com) discusses the Charlie Hebdo terrorism and how anti-Muslim activists and pro-Israel activists are using the terrorism murders of the magazine's staff to deify and make ok racist and bigoted caricatures. Charlie Hebdo is a racist publication that has attacked Arabs and Muslims and other religions including Judaism and Christianity. Yet, the focus of elevating Charlie Abdo to a position of respect in the context of "free speech" stretches the bounds of principle and morality. Both the terrorist attacks and the murders should be condemned. Condemn the terrorism and murder, and also condemn Charlie Hebdo for promoting racist hatred int he guise of "satire." Racism is not funny. This is a pre-taped segment for Talk of the Town Radio hosted by Ray Hanania and broadcast live on 1450 AM Radio and www.YahalaVoice.com online radio on Friday's at 4:05 pm. Visit www.TheArabDailyNews.com for more information.

01-16-15 Alexandra Halaby on Palestine News Reporting

Alexandra Halaby, the North American Spokesperson & Media Liaison for the International Middle East Media Center (www.IMEMC.org) discusses the IMEMC's program to deliver accurate news and features and stories about Palestine to Western audiences in English. She also discusses the Hasbara campaign by pro-Israel activists who are using deception to undermine Palestinian rights and promote divisions in the Palestinian and Arab community. This is a pre-taped segment for Talk of the Town Radio hosted by Ray Hanania and broadcast live on 1450 AM Radio and www.YahalaVoice.com online radio on Friday's at 4:05 pm. Visit www.TheArabDailyNews.com for more information.

01-02-15 Ziad Asali on peace; Stanley Cohen on Arab terror suspects

This week on Talk of the Town Radio with Ray Hanania with feature two interviews. In the first segment, we interview Ziad Asali the President of the American Task Force on Palestine, the largest grassroots Palestinian American advocacy organization in the United States. Asali discusses the consequences of the failed UN Security Council resolution to recognize Palestinian Statehood and sovereignty, and the need for Arab citizens of Israel to participate and not boycott the March 17, 2015 special Israeli elections. About 20 percent of the Israeli voting population is Palestinian, but many Palestinians have boycotted the elections rather than exercise their right to vote and influence the demise of the rightwing fanatics who control Israel's government. Palestinian Israeli voters can help undermine the power of extremist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the religious fanatics and re-direct Israel back to the negotiating table to recognize Palestinian rights to statehood.

In the second half of the one hour show, we interview Stanley Cohen, the prominent New York civil rights attorney who has represented many Arabs, American and non-American, who have been falsely accused of engaging in terrorism. Cohen has been harassed and vilified by the U.S. Justice Department and falsely accused and wrongly convicted of tax evasion. A few days before he begins his 18 month prison sentence on Tuesday Jan. 6, 2015, Cohen discusses why he will remain dedicated to the principle of the International Rule of Law and the American Constitutional principle that people are innocent until proven guilty and not guilty simply because they are Arab or Muslim. Jewish American himself, Cohen said that the government has used profiling, stereotypes and racism to target Arabs who criticize Israel and Muslims falsely accused of supporting terrorism.
Talk of the Town Radio is broadcast every Friday at 4:05 PM CST Chicago Time on 1450 AM Radio and simulcast live online at www.YahalaVoice.com.