Ray Hanania’s Podcast: Mainstream & Middle East

05-08-15 Detroit Radio: Gellar, Israel, Hebdo, Racism

Ray Hanania hosts TheArabDailyNews.com radio show every 2nd Friday of the month on 690 AM Radio in Detroit and 700 AM Radio in Washington DC from 8 until 9 am EST.

In this episode, Hanania takes phone calls from listeners on every topic that includes: the racism of Charlie Hebdo Magazine and why are Israelis trying to defend its attacks against Islam and the Prophet Mohammed; the racist hatred of American Jewish activist Pamela Gellar who funds campaigns attacking Muslims and Arabs; why are Israelis hypocrites when it comes to defending free speech but denying free speech to Arabs and Muslims; the chemical war fare in Assad's assault on Syria; relations between Chaldeans and Muslims in Detroit and the Middle East; a discussion about the new Lebanese cookbook by American Arab author Maureen Abood "Rose Water & Orange Blossoms;" and many more topics.
The show is hosted by TheArabDailyNews.com the online newspaper and Radio Baladi hosted by the US Arab Radio Newtwork and journalist Laila alHusinni.