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07-17-15 Chattanooga Killings Detroit Radio

The Arab Daily News Radio broadcasts a special episode on live Radio in Detroit on AM 690 and Washington DC on AM 700 radio discussing with callers the terrorist attack on Thursday July 16, 2015 by a Kuwait Muslim whose family immigrated to America after living many years in Jordan. The killer has been identified as Mohammed Youssuf Abdulazeez, 24. (Mohammad, Yousef, Youssef) Abdulazeez attacked two military installations, a recruitment center in Chattanooga, Tennessee and seven miles away a Navy Technical Center where he killed four U.S. Marines. Abdulazeez was killed by military police.

Broadcast on Friday July 17, 2015 live on WNZK AM 690 Radio in Detroit and AM 700 Radio in Washington DC, the hour long show features live call-ins from listeners with host Ray Hanania.
The show is co-sponsored by US Arab Radio and TheArabDailyNews.com.
Issues discussed include the reaction from racist haters, like Pamela Geller, who have blamed all Muslims, and the notion that Muslims, and Arabs, must apologize for the actions of a criminal.
Do Christians apologize when a Christian murders an innocent person? There were more than 433 killings in Chicago last year committed by Christians, and not a word. But when some maniac "claims" to be a Muslim, and murders anyone, he or she is denounced as an Islamic terrorist and all of Islam is disparaged as a violent religion.
That's unChristian like argues radio host Ray Hanania, who is a Christian from Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, and Jerusalem.

07-10-15 The Arab Daily News with Ray Hanania in Detroit

07-10-15 The Arab Daily News Radio Show in Detroit with Ray Hanania

Hi everyone … I’m Ray Hanania and It’s the SECOND FRIDAY OF THE MONTH, July 10, 2015 and its 8:05 in the morning in Detroit …

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So much to talk about this morning:

I was in Hawaii and found President Barack Obama’s home … but I am not sure Hawaii likes Obama … it was a year ago that Israel viciously attacked the Gaza Strip and murdered more than 2,200 civilians including 500 children … now accountability, no responsibility, just more Israeli lies … no change in Syria, where Daesch, the tyrant Assad and the rebels are battling it out at the expense of thousands and thousands of innocent civilians … Daesch is extremely brutal …. And Egypt continues to turn towards repression as a means of redefining Democracy … there really isn’t Democracy in Egypt … but maybe that’s the only way to prevent the rise of Islamic extremism in the Arab World …

Also later at 8:30 we’ll talk with Fr. Sean McManus of the Holy Land Principles, the campaign to bring fair employment to the people of Israel and Palestine … they did it in Ireland they can do it there …

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There is a new TV Series that stars some American Arabs … Mr. Robot with Hollywood actor Christian Slater … have you watched it yet?

Egyptian American Hollywood actor Rami Malek stars in a new hit series “Mr. Robot” on high tech computer warfare and hacking broadcast on the USA Network on Cable Television. Malek joins a small exclusive club of American Arabs who have made it to Hollywood movie and television series fame.