Ray Hanania’s Podcast: Mainstream & Middle East

08-14-15 American Arab Empowerment, Arab Radio with Ray Hanania

Ray Hanania talks with callers about the failure of the American Arab community to effectively engage mainstream Americans because of their lack of understanding of strategic communications. Only 15 percent of the Arab community in America is engaged in effective activism, and much of that involves extremist politics that focuses on Middle East issues rather than on American Arab issues.

Broadcast on Friday August 14, 2015 on The Arab Daily News Radio Show (Radio Baladi, US Arab Radio) on 690 AM Radio in Detroit, Michigan, and 700 AM Radio in Washington D.C.
The website is www.TheArabDailyNews.com
Hanania discusses the recent release of the new animated film "The Prophet" by Salma Hayek, and also touches on presidential politics, Donal Trump, and the process of American election politics during the one hour live radio show.
Hanania also discusses effective strategic communications and his new book PoweR PR: Communications Strategies for Ethnic American Communities which is available by clicking this link here.
Palestine, Israel, Arabs, Yemen, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt.