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09-11-15 Radio Sterling Heights, Sept. 11, 2001 and more

Sept. 11, 2015 Radio on WNZK, The Arab Daily News Radio Show, hosted by Ray Hanania

Callers in Detroit and Washington DC call in to discuss a wide range of topics:
• today is the 14th anniversary of September 11. Americans remember but have Americans learned?
• What is the World doing to help Syrian babies? ironically Israel is the only country that says he won’t help and is building a new Apartheid Wall, not along the Syrian Border but along the Jordanian Border, which tells you what Israel really cares about. Poor Jordanians signed a "peace accord" with Israel. What a joke.
• In Sterling Heights -- often called Little Baghdad, Chaldean Christians from the Middle East joined crazy anti-Muslim American haters and cheered the blocking of the mosque there. Now the community is called "Sterling Hates.". Hate is so unbecoming of Christian Arabs and to see them join in with the Muslim haters is so depressing … they can’t get their grievances heard by being racist haters
• And, I just finished watching the end of the FX Series Tyrant … talk about a hateful TV series, and of course, produced by an Israeli … sick, sick, sick

Hosted by Ray Hanania on WNZK AM 690 Radio in Detroit and AM 700 Radio in Washington DC.

Our callers talk about these and other issues during this one hour broadcast.

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09-04-15 Sterling Heights Mosque Radio discussion

Listeners in Detroit and Washington DC discuss the proposal to build a mosque in Sterling Heights, Michigan, and the opposition from some residents, including mainstream Americans and non-Arab Christian Chaldeans in the community.

Broadcast Friday morning 8 am EST in Detroit and Washington DC with host Ray Hanania on WNZK AM 690 radio in Detroit and 700 AM Radio in Washington, Sept. 4, 2015.
Callers reflected the views and the debate surrounding the mosque plan.
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Mosque protest, Sterling Heights, Michigan, Chaldeans, Christian Arabs, racism, bigotry, traffic congestion
 mount in Sterling Heights, Michigan as opposition increases against the plan to build a mosque there. Among the opposition are many Chaldean Americans, who are Christians from the Middle East (non-Arab) who speak Arabic, share the Arab culture and originate from Iraq. The anger against Muslims is intense not just with Americans but Christian Arabs, too. I think it reflects, in part, the failure of Muslims to recognize their weak relations with Christian Arabs and apathy towards the harassment and bullying that Christian Arabs experience from Muslim extremists and fanatics not just in the Middle East but right here in America. Why isn't CAIR, for example, speaking out against the anti-Christian hatred at KabobFest and Ikhras and from individual Muslim activists who are showcased and feted at Muslim conferences and gatherings. You can't say you are opposed to extremism when you give extremists a platform OR refuse to speak out against them. It's a problem most Arab Christians and Muslims don't want to deal with.