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01-15-16 Arab Radio on Syria, President Obama and Nikki Haley

Ray Hanania talks with callers on TheArabDailyNews.com live radio show in Detroit and Washington DC about Syria, Syrian refugees, President Obama's State of the Union Speech, the criticism from Republican South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, and the upcoming election. We also talk with Evangelical Christians in the African American community about why they support Israel and have turned their backs on Christians in Bethlehem and Palestine and the Middle East. Friday Jan. 15, 2016 in a special radio broadcast. Visit www.TheArabDailyNews.com for more information or check out our podcasts on iTunes.

01-13-16 YahalaVoice Radio on Obama and Nikki Haley response

Columnist and commentator Ray Hanania joins Bentley "Bawb" Patterson on his weekly radio show on YahalaVoice.com on Wednesday Jan. 13, 2016 to discuss the final State of the Union speech by President Barack Obama, and also the response presented by the Republican Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley. Hanania and Patterson also discuss the announcement that Al Jazeera America (AJAM) will be closing in April 2016.

The two discuss the failure of AJAM to overcome the anti-Arab and anti-Muslim racism of Americans and the longstanding battle by conservatives and racist haters to prevent the broadcast of any Arab-based news station in America beginning with Al Jazeera Satellite TV, Al Jazeera English and Al Jazeera America. Hanania argues that a part of the failure of AJAM has to do with the failure of the Arab World to recognize the significance of producing journalism content in English and to produce media coverage that conveys the truth of the Arab cause to Americans in English.
Hanania, a freelance feature writer for Al Jazeera English, talks about the challenges of overcoming the racist anti-Arab and anti-Muslim policies of the mainstream American News Media and the failure of Arab World media to hire more American Arabs to produce quality journalism content.
Hanania also challenges the popular notion that somehow Nikki Haley is a positive alternative to the rising Xenophobia of America.s Haley is a Republican Governor from South Carolina who not only criticized Obama but also criticized Donald Trump, conveying a false sense that the Republican Party rejects anti-Arab and ant-Muslim racism. Haley was also described as a minority, being born in India overseas. But Haley is Sikh and Indians have been among the most anti-Arab minority in the West and the most pro-Israel community supporting Israel's oppression and brutality against Palestinian civilians, Palestinian human rights andPalestinian statehood.
Hanania argues that while much of what Trump says is wrong, the truth is that Trump is the more honest of the Republican candidates for President, sarcastically saying that Trump may be a Democratic plant to expose the true face of Republican racism and hatred. He also criticizes Hillary Clinton, arguing that she has become her own worst enemy losing much of the popular support she had over the past 8 years when she challenged Obama in 2008 for the presidency. Hanania sarcastically suggests that Bill Clinton -- the real attraction of supporters of Hillary Clinton (many are supporting Hillary hoping to return to the glory years of President Bill Clinton) should do a "Caitlin Jenner" and become a transgender, "Barbara Clinton" possibly allowing him to sidestep the American law which prevents anyone from serving as president for more than 10 years (or two full terms in office.
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01-08-16 Wheaton College Prof Hawkins on Muslims & Chistians

Professor Larycia Hawkins, who was suspended for his comments on Facebook Dec. 10, 2015 that Muslims and Christians worship the same God, defends herself and explains why the controversy started. Wheaton College suspended Professor Hawkins, an African American professor of Political Science and began the process of terminating her employment. Professor Hawkins defends herself and her comments and challenges the college's actions.

Professor Hawkins appears on The Arab Daily News Radio Show, Friday Jan. 8, 2016, with host Ray Hanania.
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We also talk to listeners in Detroit and Washington DC who are Christian and Muslim who express their views on whether they believe Professor Hawkins or Wheaton College is right or wrong.
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