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04-08-16 Arab Radio Congressional Candidate Jesse Sbaih


Jesse SbaihJesse Sbaih

Jesse Sbaih, a congressional candidate running in Nevada's 3rd district in the June 14 Democratic Primary election, joins The Arab Daily News Radio program, Friday April 8 to discuss his candidacy. Sbaih is American Arab and Muslim and he was told by Democratic Senator Harry Reid that he could not win election in Nevada because of his religion. Sbaih immigrated to America with his parents from Jordan when he was a young child. His parents are Palestinian refugees (father from Jerusalem, mother from Hebron). He is one of seven candidates seeking the Democratic Party nomination for Congress in the 3rd District.

Reid is reflecting the reality of the challenges that discrimination against American Arabs and Muslims has created in this country. But Sbaih discusses that issue and others during the 60 minute long interview with radio host Ray Hanania. 

The radio interview is broadcast live on WNZK AM 690 Radio in Detroit and on AM 700 Radio in Washington D.C. and is podcast.

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We discuss Sbaih's election candidacy and how his race and religion play into politics. Has he experienced discrimination, but also the support he has received from voters not driven by stereotypes and racism? We also discuss the issues he is addressing and his campaign platform. Additionally, we'll discuss the role of American Arabs and Muslims in the election process. Do we take the system for granted? Do we do enough to participate and vote? Are we respected in the American political system and in American society?

How can we empower our community to be a more effective voice in helping to define the American political process and system.

His website is http://www.votesbaih.com/