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06-28-16 Rahm Emanuel hosts Iftar for Muslims

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel hosted an Iftar for Muslims on June 28, 2016. The Iftar, breaking the fast at sunset during Ramadan, was held at the Chicago Cultural Center. Emanuel spoke about his commitment to diversity, fairness, fighting hate and being inclusive. Many American Arabs attended the event.

Also attending and speaking were Ald. Joe Moore. For a complete rundown of the story on this speech and who was there and spoke read the story posted at The Arab Daily News online news website by clicking here.

The event was organized by Muslim American Activist Salman Aftab.

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Crackdown on high performance guns to save lives

RAY HANANIA'S Column-Commentary Podcasts, June 23, 2016

Tougher crackdown on guns is necessary for a safer society
We need gun control and we need to extend existing bans to prevent the sale of all forms of "automatic weapons (Semi Automatic and Fully Automatic.) We also need to increase the penalties on the possession of illegal gun ownership with up to 25 years in prison for individuals who use guns in a crime, to the death penalty for anyone who kills someone using a gun.
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06-16-16 Baby Boomers, losing weight and giving up Red Meats

Ray Hanania's column & commentary podcast. June 16, 2016 on Baby boomers, diets and weight loss.

Baby Boomers, red meats and an obsession with weight

June 16, 2016 Column (Southwest News Newspaper Group, Illinois News Network at IllinoisNewsNetwork.com.)

By Ray Hanania

Many social patterns arose during thehigh points of the Baby Boomer generation.

They include a lot of things, like:

“Seizing the day,” Carpe Diem,which basically means one of two things to Baby Boomers: not saving until you are in the final turn towards retirement, or using your success to fleece the public to pack your retirement benefits beyond justification, something many state educators and government union bosses have done.


Embracing drugs including marijuana,while turning to alcohol obsession as a legal alternative.

Eating like there was no tomorrow.Our generation helped build the extremely unhealthy fast food industry. Baby Boomers financed the rise of the barbecue, which wasn’t used to cook healthy foods but to eat bad foods like red meats,processed garbage like hot dogs and baloney and red meat mixed with “meat slime” and “glue,” yes Glue!

Our generation fueled the rise of health clubs, places more about socializing than weight lose or health for most people. Some people more easily benefit from exercise and six-packs come naturally. But for the majority, exercise is not the answer to manage weight problems. It definitely is helpful, though. ... (Click to read more)

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06-10-16 Arab Radio live on Muhammad Ali, Clinton-Trump and Ramadan with Ray Hanania

Ray Hanania hosts his live radio show in Detroit and Washington DC (and online) discussing this week the life and impact of Muhammad Ali, the presidential race and the narrowed field with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, with praise for Bernie Sanders who should still run as an independent candidate (Hell with them all).

TheArabDailyNews.com radio show is broadcast in Detroit on WNZK AM 690 radio and in Washington DC on AM 700 radio, and online (visit www.TheArabDailyNews.com for more info).

We discuss the life and times of Muhammad Ali with callers. We also discuss the visit of Sharja Sheik Mohammed bin al-Qasimi to the Southwest side of Chicago in 1976 and Muhammad Ali's support for the expansion of Mosques in America and his work with the Nation of Islam.

The radio interview is broadcast live on WNZK AM 690 Radio in Detroit and on AM 700 Radio in Washington D.C. and is podcast.

Read the Column at Al Jazeera English.

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06-09-16 What Muhammad Ali meant to American Arabs, and to me

Audio podcast of Ray Hanania's weekly column about the significance of Heavyweight boxing championMuhammad Ali (Mohammed Ali, Cassius Clay) to the American Arab, Palestinian and Muslims community, and to the author. This lengthy column, 11 minutes long, is the extended version of columns published at Al Jazeera English, the Southwest News Newspaper group, and TheArabDailyNews.com online news source for American Arabs.

Published June 9, 2016.

The column presents a historic overview of Ali's career and its impact on the American Arab community.


06-02-16 The dying American Newspaper Column Commentary

Award winning columnist Ray Hanania's column published June 2, 2016 addresses the dying newspaper industry and his encounter with a relic, an actual newspaper, while everyone around him is deep into their cell phones tapping on their screens and reading stories online. Does anyone still read a daily newspaper?

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6 minutes