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07-28-16 Ray Hanania Podcast Column, Law and order today and 50 years ago

07-28-16 Ray Hanania Podcast Column, Law and order today and 50 years ago

Ray Hanania's weekly column commentary podcast explores the continuing violence between Police and African Americans. Is this a new phenomena or is it an old one.

“Law and order” today and 50 years ago

By Ray Hanania

When we look at the terrible rise in violence between police and mainly the African American community, we think this is a new phenomena.

But it’s not.

I was listening to an audio book by author Gabriel Sherman called “The Loudest Voice in the Room,” a detailed look at the rise of Roger Ailes, the unscrupulous political activist who built the equally unscrupulous Fox News Cable Network only to be forced out recently in an unscrupulous sex scandal.

And they say there is no justice!

The book describes how Ailes helped candidate Richard Nixon overcome his broadcast problems to win the 1968 presidential election.

In preparingNixon for TV, Ailes arranged for panels to ask questions. One panel included journalist Warner Saunders, a rising African American anchor at WMAQ TV who I met while covering Chicago City Hall in the late1970s. He retired in 2009.

Saunders askedNixon a question that could have been asked today. ... Click to read more.


07-19-16 Tough questions on Violence today and 50 years ago. The impact of racism

Ray Hanania's Podcast Column Commentary July 19, 2016, Violence today and 50 years ago. This column explores violence in America in a unique way comparing two unrelated events, the murder of police officers by two American veterans, and the reaction to the killings. Also, the racism of America reflected in the violence 50 years ago by Richard Speck and the murder of 8 student nurses. No one ran from the neighborhood after Speck raped, tortured and killed the 8 nurses. But two years later in 1968 in the same neighborhood, thousands of Whites fled when one Black family moved into the community in a massive White Flight to the suburbs. Many left in the middle of the night because they knew it was morally wrong.

For more information visit www.TheMediaOasis.com. Check out the online book "Midnight Flight" on The Media Oasis website.

Tough questions on killings today and 50 years ago

By Ray Hanania

July 21, 2016 

As a veteran who served active duty during the VietnamWar, and who wore a uniform proudly for more than 15 years including in theIllinois Air National Guard, I have a right to ask this question in the killings of eight Police officers this past month in Dallas and Baton Rouge?

What has the military done to respond to the trauma manyAmerican soldiers experienced first fighting in the just war to destroy al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, and in the unjust wars that were fought in Iraq, and are being fought in Yemen and Syria?

Is this a price we are paying for those wars?

In East BatonRouge: the killer of three police officers, wounding three more, was identified as Gavin Long, an African-American of Kansas City Missouri. Long was a formerMarine who had served from 2005 to 2010, and he had been deployed to Iraq in2008, according to military records.

In Dallas Texas:the killer of five police officers, and wounding nine others, was Micah X.Johnson, 25, a reservist working in carpentry and masonry who deployed toAfghanistan once in 2013, and was a former member of an Army engineering company and served in the Individual Ready Reserves. ...

07-14-16 I stand with the Police, First

Ray Hanania's Podcast Column Commentary July 14, 2016, I Stand with the Police First, discussing the recent murders of 8 uniformed Police Officers in Dallas, Texas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana in the past few weeks. The column explores what the real issues are that should be addressed, from racism to the lack of parental involvement in the lives of young children. For more information visit www.TheMediaOasis.com.

I Stand with the Police, first

July 14, 2016

By Ray Hanania

I stand with the Police because the majority of Police officers are professionals who put their lives on the line everyday and night to protect us from criminals. 

But I also know that among the thousands of police in America, some have acted disgracefully and many have taken innocent lives.

The answer isn’t to turn this into an issue of racism, as some have done on both sides of the debate. It’s to acknowledge all of the ugly facts that have turned this country upside down resulting in the murder of five Dallas Police officers by an Afghan war veteran. 

And the answer isn’t to refuse to acknowledge that some cops don’t deserve to be cops and they should be prosecuted for murder and crime. Police can be criminals, too, and that is even worse than a normal criminal. ...

07-08-16 Arab Radio Detroit Police-Black violence Middle East Terrorism

The Arab Daily News Radio show broadcast live in Detroit on WNZK AM 690 and in Washington DC on AM 700 and live online discusses with listeners and callers the recent murders of Black people by police and the killings of police by criminals in retaliation in Dallas. Isn't this the real terrorism that we face? Isn't this violence terrorism greater than the terrorism in the Middle East?

Host Ray Hanania discusses this and other issues including the absence of PR and his new book PoweR PR, plus the new 7th Edition of the Arab American Almanac by Joseph Haiek in Los Angeles, California.

#‎ArabRadio‬ ‪#‎PoliceShootings‬ ‪#‎ForeignAid‬ I'll be talking with listeners in Detroit and Washington DC this morning on how to stop the NRA Gun Terrorism in America and refocusing foreign aid to help Americans at 7 am Chicago time (8 am Detroit, live AM 690 and Washington DC AM 700) ... listen live online at http://tunein.com/radio/WNZK-690-s21615/ ... the call in number is 248-557-3300

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07-07-16 Chicago City Hall Mayors, Rahm Emanuel and Chicago’s Arabs

Ray Hanania's weekly column podcast focuses this week on covering Chicago Mayors from Daley to Daley and the challenges faced by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago's American Arab community. Can they overcome their differences? It's not easy being mayor but Emanuel and American Arabs must try.

For more information visit Ray Hanania's website at www.RayHanania.com, his Middle East news site www.TheArabDailyNews.com and his mainstream American news site www.IllinoisNewsNetwork.com.

I covered Chicago City Hall and every Chicago Mayor from Richard J. Daley to Richard M. Daley and I know from interviewing the seven mayors during that period that being mayor is no easy job. But Daley’s successor Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office has repeatedly turned down interview requests from me and while I understand the challenges Mayor Emanuel faces, he needs to open his door more. It’s not an easy job being mayor but it is made much worse when you close the door to the ethnic and community news media.

Click here to read the column.


07-01-16 Arab Radio Detroit on Iraq, Chaldeans, Bernie Sanders

Ray Hanania hosts a special broadcast of the Arab Daily News Radio show on Friday July 1, 2016 to discuss the bombings in Turkey, the killings in Iraq of civilians and in Syria, and the racism of Americans against Arabs, Muslims and Chaldeans

We’re opening the phone lines to talk about

we'll be talking about Hillary Clinton's efforts to undermine peace for the Palestinians and her denying the "occupation" which will fuel more violence and the need to step up resistance against Israel's illegal brutal and oppressive occupation ...

the more Israel refuses to recognize Palestinian rights, the more Palestinians have an absolute right to fight for freedom ...

also, we'll talk about the terrorism in Turkey and the hypocrisy of Americans ... they love to sympathize with White Europeans who die at the hands of terrorists but don't seem to care much when the victims are dark skinned, Muslim, Arab or Palestinian ...

Does anyone out there NOT think that the war in Iraq opened pandora’s box for al-Qaeda, ISIS and radical religious terrorism throughout the world today? Does anyone not blame former President George W. Bush and the anti-Christ, former Vice President Dick Cheney. Bush and Cheney especially destroyed Iraq … the country is nothing today and will be wiped off the map by fanaticism and corporate greed that is draining every dollar and value out of that country … Iraqi’s don’t know it yet but that country today is insignificant and no one cares about it any more … and it is slowly being wiped off the map and is today insignificant …

And they are doing the same thing to Syria, too

I was with Mayor Rahm Emanuel this past week, too, and he was very courteous and receptive and I hope he will change and improve his relations with American Arabs. We'll see. But we have to end the politics of anger and dysfunction and understand American Politics and be a part of it, not apart from it.