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02-06-15 Asra Nomani on radicalism in Middle East

February 9, 2015

Muslim female activist and author Asra Nomani discusses extremism and radicalism in the Arab and Muslim community. Nomani talks about her friend, Daniel Pearl, one of the first Western journalists beheaded by Islamic extremists in 2002, and about how hatred drives extremism in the Middle East. An accomplished author, Nomani confronts extremist threats and attacks constantly because she represents the future of women's rights in the Muslim World.

Asra Nomani is a Muslim woman on a mission to help raise the voice of moderate Islam and drown out the extremists in the Arab and Muslim community. She’s taken a lot of grief about standing up to the fanatics, partly because the fanatics hate free intelligent women as much as they hate moderate Arabs, moderate Muslims … the extremists are exploiting the frustration of mainstream Muslims and mainstream Arabs who are abused not just in the West but in the middle East too … we need to do something and see the conflict not as Arab versus Jew or Muslim versus Christian, but rather as Moderate versus extremist … and we need to be as tough as the extremists in getting our message out.

We also discuss her several books on Islam which have caused a stir in the Arab and Muslim community … a woman leading the debate on politics and the battle between moderation and extremism is unacceptable to many …

Nomani is admired by moderates in the Arab and Muslim community because of her courage to stand up and advocate her views in the face of so much hatred and anger.

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