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02-13-15 Alexandra Halaby, Ali Younes on Chapel Hill, Palestine water rights

February 16, 2015

Alexandra Halaby, spokesperson for the International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC at www.IMEMC.org) which publishes a daily list of the most essential news stories from Occupied Palestine and the Middle East, discusses Palestine water rights stolen by Israel's occupation army. And she joins in to discuss reaction to the horrific murder of three Arab students at Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Also joining the show is Ali Younes, co-editor of The Arab Daily News (www.TheArabDailyNews.com) discussing the Chapel Hill shootings and upheaval in the Middle East.

If you wanted to understand the Apartheid Nature of Israel, all you have to do is read the stories at IMEMC that the biased mainstream American news media ignores and doesn’t report. Every week, Palestinian civilians are murdered. Every week, an Israeli allegedly convicted of a violent crime or act of terrorism is set free by Israel’s apartheid government and war criminal Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Every week, Palestinians are brutalized, detained and sent to the Israeli Gulag, and their property is destroyed.

We also discuss the murder of American peace activist Kayla Mueller who was kidnapped by Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) and allegedly killed during a Jordanian military assault on Daesh targets. Many believe, though, that Mueller was murdered prior to the strike and the Daesh religious fanatics were lying for propaganda purposes as they have lied about other hostages. Tragically, many Israelis are celebrating the murder of American ISIL prisoner Kayla Mueller because Mueller had worked to support Palestinian civilians terrorized by Israel's military and the Israeli terror network of illegal settlements that have been pushing Israel to extremism. Many vicious hateful Israelis and American Jewish activists have celebrated and praised Mueller's murder as they have the murder of another American killed by Israeli forces, Rachel Corrie.

Halaby, who is now also a blogger at The Arab Daily News online news site, reads the last letter that was written by Mueller before her murder. The letter is published on the IMEMC web site. Click here to read Halaby's story.

But the big story this week is American racism and hate against Arab Americans and Muslims … in Chapel Hill where three students were murdered, shot in the head repeatedly by a White American Man who described himself as an Atheist.

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