Ray Hanania’s The Arab street Podcast

04-03-15 Salman Aftab on Mayor Emanuel; Sonia Khalil candidate

April 3, 2015

Talk of the Town Radio with host Ray Hanania on YahalaVoice.com Friday 3:30 PM CST Chicago time, on www.YahalaVoice.com (and second half broadcast on 1450 AM Radio (4-4:30 PM CST)

At the top of the show, we speak with guest Salman Aftab, an influential Muslim American activist in Chicago politics describes why he supports Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Aftab and Hanania discuss the different challenges faced by Muslim Americans and Arab Americans and why two Muslim Arab Americans were tapped by Mayor Emanuel not as Arabs but as Muslims. Hanania argues Emanuel needs to recognize the rights of Muslims. Aftab discusses why Emanuel deserves to be re-elected over challenger Cook County Commissioner Jesus "Chuy" Garcia.
After the half hour break, we interview Sonia Khalil in the studio. Sonia is a young candidate running for alderman in the 3rd Ward in Palos Hills. Sonia discusses the issues she is hearing from voters as she campaigns in the ward which has more than 900 voters representing nearly half of the city's voter constituency.
Her father, Samir Khalil, president of the Arab American Democratic Club, discusses why he supports Jesus Garcia over Rahm Emanuel, and why he is proud that his daughter is seeking election as a public servant in Palos Hills where they live.
At the top of the  show, host Ray Hanania offers best wishes to mainstream Christians as they celebrate Good Friday and also Easter this weekend (April 5, 2015) and to Orthodox Christians who celebrate Palm Sunday this week and Easter one week after mainstream Easter on April 12. And, Hanania offers best wishes to the American Jewish community in celebration of Passover which is tonight Friday April 3, 2015.
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