Ray Hanania’s The Arab street Podcast

07-07-16 Chicago City Hall Mayors, Rahm Emanuel and Chicago’s Arabs

July 8, 2016

Ray Hanania's weekly column podcast focuses this week on covering Chicago Mayors from Daley to Daley and the challenges faced by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago's American Arab community. Can they overcome their differences? It's not easy being mayor but Emanuel and American Arabs must try.

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I covered Chicago City Hall and every Chicago Mayor from Richard J. Daley to Richard M. Daley and I know from interviewing the seven mayors during that period that being mayor is no easy job. But Daley’s successor Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office has repeatedly turned down interview requests from me and while I understand the challenges Mayor Emanuel faces, he needs to open his door more. It’s not an easy job being mayor but it is made much worse when you close the door to the ethnic and community news media.

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