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08-19-12 Radio Chicagoland Monroe Anderson

August 19, 2012

Radio Chicagoland Sunday August 19, 2012, 1240 AM WSBC and 1470 AM WCFJ radio www.RadioChicagoland.com.

Monroe Anderson discusses the selection of Congressman Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney's chances to unseat President Barack Obama. We also discuss the man who killed a man who was a school classmate 50 years ago because 50 years ago the friend put a jock strap on the killer's head as a child and he never got over it.

Evan Keliher discusses his new book "D.C. Shootout on K Street" and his theory that the Israelis have too much power in Washington D.C., a theme of his book.

Hosts Ray Hanania, Kheir Kahreldin and Big Jon Vicc.