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09-01-16 Opinion: Term Limits limit voters’ rights

September 1, 2016

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Columnist and Op-Ed writer Ray Hanania discusses the proposal by by Illinois' failed Governor, Bruce Rauner, to impose term limits so he can unseat his political opponents. Term Limits are for losers and no one is a bigge rloser in Illinois than Gov. Rauner

Term Limits limit the rights of voters. The column appeared in the Southwest News Newspaper Group (Des Plaines Valley News, Southwest News-Herald, The Regional News, The Reporter Newspapers.

Term limitsdeny voters their rights

By Ray Hanania 

Every time a failedpolitician or a failed group of activists don’t get their way, they stamp theirfeet and whine like little babies that they want to impose “term limits.”

“Term limits”basically takes away the right of each individual voter to choose theirgovernment representatives at the ballot box through voting.

Why wouldanyone do that? Because many times, voters really like some politicians andreturn them to office over, and over and over again. That upsets the losers whoget so frustrated because they can’t seem to get enough votes to win anything.

If they justhad “term limits,” losers might be elected to office. In our system ofDemocracy where voters decide their destiny and representation, “term limits”is a strategy for losers. ...

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