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09-08-16 Laboring through Labor Day Podcast

September 15, 2016

09-08-16 Laboring through Labor Day Podcast

Ray Hanania's column & commentary audio podcast, www.RayHanania.com Sept. 8, 2016. 

Laboring through Labor Day

Sept.8, 2016

ByRay Hanania

TheLabor Day weekend usually marks a special point in our lives when children go back to school, the weather shifts from swelter to soothing, and we’re reminded politics really has no season and is here with us every day.

It’s supposed to be the start of something new, but honestly, it’s become a familiar blur.

Things may not change in politics but they have changed in how we act. These days, the kids start going back to school in the middle of August and it continues pastLabor Day, depending on where you live.

I don’t know why but I figure it has to do with money. Sadly, that’s what most educators really care about. It ain’t the kids (my illiterate protest). ...

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