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09-15-16 Biggest Challenge is Credit Card Debt

September 15, 2016

09-15-16 Biggest Challenge is Credit Card Debt

Ray Hanania's Column Commentary Podcast, Sept. 15, 2016.

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The nation’s biggest challenge, credit card debt

Sept. 15, 2016

By Ray Hanania

I remember the JFK assassination. I remember the 9/11 terrorism. And, I remember the very first time I used a credit card. How many people remember that?

The Vietnam War ended and I had been transferred to an Air National Guard base in Peoria. 

When I got home to Burbank, I borrowed my mom’s car to drive to Peoria. She gave me a plastic card and she explained I could use it to get gasoline from Shell.

Wow, how the world changed since I left to join the fight against the Commie-bastards!

The tank was filled and I jumped in without thinking, pretty much the same way we got into the Vietnam War, and later the Iraq War. I drove to Peoria. On the way back, I passed a Shell Station outside of Pontiac. ...

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