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09-22-16 Blame non-Voters for Illinois’ troubles

September 26, 2016

Ray Hanania's column commentary podcast of his weekly column in the Des Plaines Valley News, Southwest News-Herald, The Regional News, the Reporter Newspapers and IllinoisNewsNetwork.com. Topic: Who is to blame for Illinois' financial problems, the elected officials or the  Illinois residents  who can vote but don't?

Blame non-voters for state’s problems

9-22-2016 Des Plaines Valley News, SW News-Herald, The Regional News, The Reporter Newspapers, Illinois News Network

By Ray Hanania


Last week’s column hammering the stupid idea of term limits brought on a lot of emails from readers.

And I thank them for sharing their views.

Most said they understand my logic that imposing “term limits” on elected officials strips voters of their right to decide who should represent them.

One person argued district “gerrymandering” is the problem. I disagree. The districts are drawn by the elected officials in power. If you want to change who has power, vote. If not, don’t vote.

And apparently, most people in Illinois really don’t blame the elected officials for the state’s problems. Because the majority of people who can vote, don’t. ...

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