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09-29-16 Marty Stack will open up Board of Review for Taxpayers

October 3, 2016

Board of Review needs your attention

DVN, The Reporter, The Regional Sept. 29, 2016

By Ray Hanania

I know the big focus on November 8 is the battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but there are other elections that in reality more directly impact your lives.

The most important is an obscure office called the Cook County Board of Review and it has three members representing three districts that supposedly review your property taxes to make sure they are fair.

What really happens is that some of the commissioners use the lure of reducing your property taxes as a scam to get you to attend their re-election campaign events. They organize public “tax review” meetings and invite the public to “learn” how to challenge your property taxes.

Nothing happens. Your taxes remain the same.

You should remember one name if you live in the Southwest Suburbs who is trying to change that, Marty Stack. ...

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