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Ray Hanania Video Introduction

February 15, 2018

Ray Hanania Video Introduction

15 minutes, Video, audio

Ray Hanania talks about how he got into journalism and column writing, and his view on the Middle East, Palestine and Israel.

Hanania explains about how when he finished active duty military service during the Vietnam War with the U.S. Air Force the FBI initiated an investigation into his background and activities and how that influenced his life to change direction from wanting to be a doctor to wanting to work in journalism.

Hanania talks about the challenges facing Arabs in America and the need to "tell their story" and to also understand and use strategic communications to empower themselves and to bring peace and justice to Palestine and Israel.

An opponent of the use of violence, Hananis supports the Two-State Solution and views the real challenge facing Palestinians and Israelis as one involving moderates versus extremists.

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