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12-26-14 Ramzy Sweis on Comedy, Ali Younes on Jordan

Comedian Ramzy Sweis joins us for a hilarious discussion on Talk of the Town radio on Friday Dec. 26, 2014 on YahalaVoice.com with Ray Hanania.

During the second half of the hourlong show, Ali Younes talks to us about the problems Jordan is having with ISIS and freeing kidnapped citizens.

12-19-14 Chicago’s Mayoral Race, Garcia or Fioretti

How do we defeat the most anti-Arab racist Chicago Mayor ever, Rahm Emanuel? Who do we vote for. In a continuing series to explore the options for voters in the February 24, 2015 Chicago Mayoral election, we speak with Samir Khalil executive director of the Arab American Democratic Club which has endorsed Cook County Commissioner Jesus Garcia. Although many Arabs support Ald. Bob Fioretti, Khalil argues that Garcia has a long history of supporting Palestine. But the issue is, can Garcia win?

Talk of the Town Radio Friday Dec. 19, 2014, with host Ray Hanania on 1450 AM Radio and simulcast live on www.YahalaVoice.com. Check out the articles on the mayoral race and why it is so important to defeat Emanuel, who has done everything he can do undermine the presence and involvement of American Arabs in Chicago politics. Click here to read the article on how Emanuel has undermined Chicagoland's American Arab community at The Arab Daily News.

12-12-14 Bob Fioretti on Race for Chicago Mayor

Chicago Alderman Bob Fioretti (2nd Ward discusses his candidacy for mayor of Chicago, challenging the most anti-Arab mayor Chicago has ever had, Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Fioretti discusses how he believes he can defeat Emanuel citing the mayor's deteriorating support in key communities. He reiterates his commitment to diversity, an issue that Emanuel has abandoned. And, Fioretti talks about the key issues facing Chicago voters in the upcoming Feb. 24, 2015 mayoral election open primary candidacy.

The field of candidates is crowded with seven candidates running. In the Feb. 24 election, a candidate must win 50 percent plus 1 vote to win the election. If no candidate receives more than 50 percent of the vote, then the top two candidates with the highest votes will run-off in the April election.
Fioretti was interviewed on 1450 AM Radio's Talk of the Town radio show which is simulcast live on www.YahalaVoice.com. It is hosted by award winning former Chicago City Hall reporter Ray Hanania.
For an overview of how Chicago's Arab American community is approaching the mayoral contest, click here for the article in The Arab Daily News.

12-05-14 Larry Derfner 972mag.com on Israeli elections

12-05-14 Larry Derfner 972mag.com on Israeli elections

972mag.com political writer Larry Derfner discusses the upcoming Israeli elections which will be held on March 17 following the collapse of the  ruling coalition of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Derfner argues that Netanyahu's Likud colleague Moshe Kahlon who is a slightly conservative centrist, could help redirect Israel from Netanyahu's hardline rejectionist anti-peace policies. Derfner discusses how Kahlon still may not be the person who can revive the peace process, but he could be more amiable to viewing two-states and a Palestinian State. 

Netanyahu has been one of the most rightwing extremists in Israel and he has carefully redirected Israel away from the peace process and used his office to provoke violence and confrontation.

Derfner appeared on Talk of the Town Radio with host Ray Hanania, managing editor of The Arab Daily News online newspaper www.TheArabDailyNews.com and broadcast live on 1450 AM Radio in Chicagoland and simulcast live online at www.YahalaVoice.com.