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12-19-14 Chicago’s Mayoral Race, Garcia or Fioretti

December 24, 2014

How do we defeat the most anti-Arab racist Chicago Mayor ever, Rahm Emanuel? Who do we vote for. In a continuing series to explore the options for voters in the February 24, 2015 Chicago Mayoral election, we speak with Samir Khalil executive director of the Arab American Democratic Club which has endorsed Cook County Commissioner Jesus Garcia. Although many Arabs support Ald. Bob Fioretti, Khalil argues that Garcia has a long history of supporting Palestine. But the issue is, can Garcia win?

Talk of the Town Radio Friday Dec. 19, 2014, with host Ray Hanania on 1450 AM Radio and simulcast live on www.YahalaVoice.com. Check out the articles on the mayoral race and why it is so important to defeat Emanuel, who has done everything he can do undermine the presence and involvement of American Arabs in Chicago politics. Click here to read the article on how Emanuel has undermined Chicagoland's American Arab community at The Arab Daily News.