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01-10-20 Trump killing of Qassem Suleimani with Imad Hamad of AHRC in Detroit

January 10, 2020

Trump killing of Qassem Suleimani with Imad Hamad of AHRC in Detroit

Its Friday JANUARY 10, 2020 … I’m Ray Hanania, special US Correspondent for the Arab News Newspaper … and you’re listening to THE ARAB STREET Radio & Podcast broadcast from Detroit, Michigan through 690 AM WNZK Radio …

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Our topics this morning:

Israel has 3rd new elections … that will take place in March …

Trump ordered the murder of Qassem Suleimani, an Iranian general Trump asserts is responsible for terrorism … as if George Bush wasn’t responsible for terrorism or Dick Cheney wasn’t responsible for terrorism or Britain’s former terrorist in chief Tony Blair isn’t a terrorist …

These days no one has to go to court to do anything, they do it the Israeli way, murder by political fortune teller …

What’s the consequences of the attack on Soleimani not in Iran but in Iraq, and the American pro-Israel political agenda in which many Iraqis have been killed during the strike … In every media analysis about the Soleimani murder, the media quotes former Mossad and Israeli leaders on the consequences … did we do this to make Israel happy? Again? We put America in jeopardy again to do Israel’s biddings? Wow?

Did Trump kill Soleimani to help Israelis indicted and besieged prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu win who are facing possible indictment before the International Criminal Court

So far, I haven’t heard one person say specifically which American’s Soleimani is alleged to have been responsible for killing … but we don’t need a judicial system any more …we just do the Israeli thing and kill people first and then call them terrorists and their families terrorists and anyone who defends them as terrorists, too

How do people in Greater Detroit feel … Greater Detroit has one of the largest concentrations of Iraqis, Chaldeans .. Christians and Muslims …

Will the killing of Soleimani open a pandora’s box of violence similar to what happened when the US attacked Iraqi illegally in 2003? How many Iraqis were killed in that war that has continued for more than 16 years without end?

What do Iraqis in America think about Trump’s attack and was it Trump or Pompeo who ordered the killing and Trump just went along?

We’re going to talk about a lot of this stuff with Imad Hamad, the executive director of the American Human Rights Council and a former executive director of the once powerful Michigan Chapter of the ADC, American Anti-Discrimination Committee …

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