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01-18-19 The Arab Street Radio Trump Peace Plan

January 18, 2019

01-18-19 The Arab Street Radio Trump Peace Plan

Welcome to THE ARAB STREET Radio & Podcast broadcast from Chicago through 690 AM WNZK Radio in Detroit Michigan and live online … Friday Jan. 18, 2019

The topic this morning: Do you support or oppose the rumored two-state plan being readied by President @RealDonaldTrump? He is expected to unveil a peace plan to give Palestinians 90 percent of the West Bank to form a State with a sharing of East Jerusalem, although the Old City and the sites holy to Christians, Muslims and Jews would be managed by Israel in cooperation with the Palestine State. The rumored plan would also allow Israel to annex its major settlements, providing land swaps with the Palestinians for the settlement lands lost.

Do you support this plan? If you don't support this plan, what is your alternative?

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