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01-26-17 Jane Byrne, Donald Trump and fighting news media bias

January 26, 2017

Jane Byrne, Donald Trump and fighting news media bias

Podcast of Ray Hanania's column on how former Mayor Jane M. Byrne tried to confront bias in the news media and almost succeeded, but how President Donald Trump can overcome news media bias by using the Internet, blogging and social media that was not available to Byrne in 1979.

The American mainstream news media is racist and biased and often act like a political party rather than an objective journalism profession that they claim to be. There is a difference between reporting and Journalism, with opinion, column and commentary writing. Many journalists and reporters act as opinion commentators. Journalists on TV News report not as objective reporters and journalists but as powerful opinion commentators asserting their opinions and their interpretations of facts rather than reporting the facts.

There is nothing wrong with opinion commentary but there is somethign wrong with reporting that claims to be objective but in fact is tainted with commentary, subjective opinion and political partisan interpretation.

(Ray Hanania is an award winning political columnist, feature writer and author. He covered Chicago City Hall from 1976 through 1992. Permission is granted to republish column in its entirety with full attribution. Email him at  rghanania@gmail.com  with comments. Hanania writes on Middle East issues for  TheArabDailyNews.com  and on mainstream issues for  TheDailyHookah.com  .) 

The Podcast Opinion Editorial Commentary (Op-Ed) is from a version of this column that appeared on Tremr.com and shorte rversions that were published in Chicago newspapers and on Hanania's online news and opinion websites listed above.

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