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01-31-2020 Deal or Steal of the Century, Palestinian failures, and the 3rd Il District battle

January 31, 2020

01-31-2020 Deal or Steal of the Century, Palestinian failures, and the 3rd Il District battle

Its Friday JANUARY 31, 2020 … I’m Ray Hanania, special US Correspondent for the Arab News Newspaper … and you’re listening to THE ARAB STREET Radio & Podcast broadcast from Detroit, Michigan through 690 AM WNZK Radio …

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Our topics this morning: We look at President Trump's Deal/Steal of the Century and the failure of the Palestinian leadership to stand up and fight diplomatically for Two States. We also talk with listeners and discuss the election battle in the 3rd Congressional District which has the largest concentration of Palestinian American voters between Congressman Dan Lipinski, Marie Newman and Rush Darwish and why Lipinski is most certainly going to win re-election.


President Trump with Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu wearing a Cheshire cat-smile at Trumps side unveiled his “Deal of the Century” peace plan this week … is it a “Deal of the Century” or is it the “Steal of the Century.”

We will be talking about the “Deal” which is really no deal at all but Israel, the US and even three Arab countries Oman, the UAE and Bahrain say it is a good start … everyone else is denouncing it but Israel doesn’t care about everyone else anyway … they are going to go ahead with annexation of the Jordan Valley and move forward knowing the Palestinians have already said no – even before the plan was unveiled. 

I think the plan stinks … but, I also think the Palestinians should have been there to say so and demand changes, put forth a new plan, lay out a new map and stop making themselves the excuse for peace failure … if peace fails as it will, Israel will go ahead with it anyway, and squeeze the Palestinians into Bantustans – the South African word for the Apartheid hovels that Africans were pushed into until they fought back and threw off the South African racists …

But Palestinians are not fighting back … they should have fought on the diplomatic stage to strengthen their case … instead, Palestinians remain fractured, dysfunctional, hopeless and with no options except anger and screaming … and the Palestinians, especially the activists love to scream …

Can you imagine if Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas participated in the Trump-Netanyahu press conference and SAID I support this plan as a starting point for discussions and negotiations and I am here to support the Two-State Solution and make a viable plan work? Netanyahu would have had a heart attack. They would have carried Netanyahu off of the stage on a stretcher yelling that he is rejecting the plan and a Two-State solution. 

Another important point to keep in mind as the Palestinians criticize and blame everything on President Trump … the Democrats have not done anything better … they spoke about Two-States but did nothing. They never embraced the Palestinian demand for justice and have been walking every step of the way with the Republicans and even in the same direction as Trump … the Democrats just do it with a smile and a few empty, nice words …

When will the Palestinians wake up, and instead of rejecting strategy they reject the extremists instead like Hamas, like the activists here in the US who know how to destroy things but have no idea on how to build things up

The Deal of the Century may be the Steal of the Century to many, but it is also the Meal of the Century to Palestinian activists … the one thing Jared Kushner said right was, and I quote from my news report in the Arab News this week after intevriewing him:

Kushner gave a stern warning to the Palestinians, saying the plan “is negotiable,” criticizing calls for “days of rage” from the Palestinian leadership who he accused of defending the status quo. 

“While this has gone on, Israel continues to take more and more land and they haven’t been interested in getting a deal done,” Kushner said.

“And then the Palestinians, they just continue to get billions of dollars of aid from a lot of countries throughout the world. They have made this an international cause. They have built a good business off of it. A lot of their leaders are rich, their friends are rich, their families are rich and they really don’t care about the people.”

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Wake up people, especially the Palestinians …y ou can’t possibly accept the Palesrtinian reaction of just rejection and no action, no response … Israel has been taking everything while we whined, cried, suffered, and engaged in anger and violence, including against our own people who have DEMANDED MORE … yes, I demand more from the Palestinian leadership and the activists .. I demand they wake up and use their brains instead of whipping up the people hoping they will put their lives on the line again and launch a new intifada of violence against Israel’s racist violence … put Israel on the spot for the American pubic to see and build up a coalition with Israel’s moderate Jewish leadership and the moderate Jewish world … stop pushing them away with your fanaticism and anger and even hatred …

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