Ray Hanania’s The Arab street Podcast

02-12-16 Arab Radio: Who Arabs support for President

February 12, 2016

TheDailyHookah.com and TheArabDailyNews.com present the Arab Radio show with Ray Hanania Friday Feb. 12, 2016.

This weeks topic is who Arab Christians, Chaldeans and Arab Muslims support for President of the United States. Callers discuss who they support and why.
The final vote tally based on the phone calls is Donald Trump 70 percent, Bernie Sanders 20 percent and Ted Cruz 10 percent. Many Arabs vote Republican and believe Donald Trump is the tough leader who can stand up to religious fanaticism and extremism in the Middle East, such as ISIS, Daesh and al-Qaeda, and are upset by the killing of Christians in the Muslim World.
Arabs also do not mind supporting Bernie Sanders who is Jewish and believe he could be more objective in addressing the violence and brutality of the Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu, who many believe is a war criminal and should be charged with war crimes for murdering civilians and lying about terrorism. Sanders supports Israel, but he also supports a moderate position including two-states and a State of Palestine.