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02-25-15 Rush Darwish, Ray Hanania and Bob discuss Chicago’s Mayoral election

February 25, 2015

Radio hosts Rush Darwish and Bentley Bob discuss the Chicago mayoral election with former Chicago City Hall reporter Ray Hanania during a segment of Darwish's popular live Chicago radio show "Riseup Radio" on 1450 AM (every Wednesday from 4:30 until 6 pm CST). The 20 minute segment assesses the assets and shortcomings of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his primary challenger County Commissioner Jesus Garcia who beat out three other challengers to force Emanuel into a run-off election on April 7. Darwish, Bob and Hanania examine the issues behind Emanuel's failure to win 50 percent of the vote, Garcia's strong showing and the role of American Arabs. They also discuss the candidacy of American Arab candidate Samantha Haddad Webb who ran unsuccessfully for alderman of the 10th Ward and the failure of American Arab and Muslim voters to support her enthusiastically.

Broadcast Wednesday Feb. 25, 2015 on 1450 AM Radio and simulcast live online at YahalaVoice.com radio.