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02-27-15 Monroe Anderson, Ray Hanania on Mayoral Runoff election

March 2, 2015

Former Chicago City Hall and political reporters Monroe Anderson and Ray Hanania discuss the factors that will help decide the April 7 Chicago Mayoral Runoff election on Talk of the Town Radio Friday (4 PM) February 27, 2015 on 1450 AM Radio and live online at www.YahalaVoice.com. Anderson, who now writes a political column for the Chicago Defender, and Hanania, who is a media consultant and columnist with the Southwest Newspaper Group and Illinois News Network (www.IllinoisNewsNetwork.com) discuss the influence of the African American voters in the election.Is Jesus Chuy Garcia strong enough to unseat Mayor Rahm Emanuel and how can he win. What are Emanuel's weaknesses and Garcia's weaknesses? How do you explain the role of Garcia's strongest and closest political ally Congressman Luis Gutierrez endorsing Emanuel and abandoning Garcia and the Mexican American majority voters in his congressional district? Anderson and Hanania discusses these and other issues. Hanania is managing editor also of The Arab Daily News website at www.TheArabDailyNews.com and discusses the bias of Mayor Emanuel against American Arab voters. Anderson and Hanania discuss why Emanuel has ostracized and ignored voter constituencies like American Arabs and if he can do that to American Arabs what prevents him from doing that to other ethnic and racial voting constituencies like Blacks and Hispanics and Asians?