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03-03-19 Ray Hanania Podcast with Iyad Burnat of Bil’in on Israeli violence

March 3, 2019

03-03-19 Ray Hanania Podcast Interview with Bil’in leader Iyad Burnat

This is the Ray Hanania Podcast a weekly overview of all my opinion columns, my radio interviews, and my reports on Middle East topics and on Mainstream American politics.

Ray Hanania’s Podcast (The Arab Street, The Arab Daily News) interviews Iyad Burnat who has since 2005 led Palestinian protests against the Apartheid Wall built by Israel in the Occupied West Bank and Israel’s confiscation of Christian and Muslim lands. Burnat sits down with me to talk about the violence against him and his children by the Israeli soldiers. He details how Israel has manufactured accusations accusing him and his children of engaging in violence.

“The Israelis control everything in our lives except they can’t control our will and our determination for freedom,” Burnat says. “They can’t stop us from telling the world the truth.”

Burnat is in America this week meeting with Palestinian leaders asking them to help him build an educational fund for the children of Bil’in in the Occupied West Bank so they can continue their education.

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Burnat has set up one fund for his son Majd, a soccer player who Israeli snipers intentionally seriously disabled when they shot him in the knee while he was watching Israeli protests with three of his friends.



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This is the Ray Hanania Podcast a weekly overview of all my opinion columns, my radio interviews, and my reports on Middle East topics and on Mainstream American politics.

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Support Majd’s Education Fund

Majd Burnat is a 20 year old Palestinian student who is starting his civil engineering education at Iden Univeristy in Istanbul, Turkey.

Majd was born and raised in Bilin, a farming village that has been isolated from its agricultural lands by the illegal apartheid wall in occupied Palestine. Residents of Bilin and activists who visit from around the world gather in a non-violent protest at the apartheid wall every Friday. 

At at the age of 15, Majd joined the weekly demonstration and was met with both tear gas canisters and live bullets intentionally aimed at the crowd by Israeli soldiers. While attempting to flee, he fell victim to live bullets with a shots fired multiple times into his leg.

As a result of this injury, Majd has undergone countless surgeries and still suffers severe pain and limited use of his leg. Despite hardship from a young age, he continues to dream of a better life. He hopes to use his education to better the life of fellow Palestinians by improving the infrastructure of a land demolished by years of unlawful occupation. 

We aim to help him raise 6000 dollars to cover his tuition for this year and 6000 dollars for living expenses. Click below to learn more about Bilin and Majd’s story: