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03-11-19 Ray Hanania Podcast, Middle East &Mainstream: Omar, Israel, Suburbs versus Chicago

March 11, 2019

03-11-19 Ray Hanania Podcast, Middle East &Mainstream: Omar, Israel, Suburbs versus Chicago

This is Ray Hanania's Weekly Podcast -- Mainstream and Middle East -- which talks about his columns and writings from the past week, touching on several issues that impact your daily life … Recorded Monday March 11, 2019

In this week's podcast, Ray Hanania discusses his Mainstream and Middle East columns in the Regional News, the Des Plaines Valley News, the Southwest News-Herald, the Reporter Newspapers, and SuburbanChicagoland.com, and also in the Arab News in Saudi Arabia and Middle East Monitor online in London. The discussion summarizes the columns that are published in the mainstream and Middle East newspapers and also posted online at www.Hanania.com where you can read them.

The Mainstream topics include how Chicago's politicians are trying to force the suburbs to pay for the city's wasteful government spending and financial shortfalls. The column explores how many of the candidates for Chicago Mayor included platforms calling for the taxation of the suburbs in some form to off-set Chicago's huge deficits.

The Middle East topics address the hypocrisy of the attacks against Minnesota Congresswoman Ihlan Omar by Democrats and Republicans because of her criticism of Israel's government and the pro-Israel PACS (Political Action Committees) that buy influence in Congress through millions of dollars in donations each year. Omar is absolutely correct. Israel's government through its pro-Israel PACs in the United States have the U.S. Congress in a Headlock. They also have a huge influence over the biased anti-Arab mainstream American News Media. Sadly most Americans don't even know the truth about what is happening in the Middle East.

Ray Hanania talks in this podcast about the twisted failed media coverage of the Israeli killings of protestors in the Gaza Strip.

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