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03-13-15 Mohammed Najib on Israeli elections

March 13, 2015

Journalist Mohammed Najib based in Ramallah, Palestine, joins Ray Hanania on The Arab Daily News Radio show in Detroit and Washington DC, broadcast every 2nd Friday of every month  at 8 am EST Eastern Time on WNZK 690 AM Radio in Detroit, Michigan, Ohio and Windsor Canada, and on WDMV 700 AM In Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland. 

Najib discusses the growing extremism and hatred in Israel, the violence by Israelis against Palestinians like Haneen Zoabi, an Arab Israeli citizen who is a member of the Israeli Knesset and he explains her complex message of resistance to the extremism and violence of Israel and her dedication along with other Arab Israelis to force Israel to end their discrimination and embrace equality for Christians and Muslim citizens of Israel. Zoabi has been attacked violently. The Israelis have tried unsuccessfully to block her participation in the Knesset, where she hopes to change Israel's rightwing hate and racist tendencies. Zoabi is a leading member of the new Joint Arab List in Israel which has brought several leading Arab Political Lists together as one int he March 17, 2015 Israeli elections.

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