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03-22-13 Radio Baladi Hala McDonalds Obama

March 22, 2013

Ray Hannaia hosts Radio Baladi Friday March 22, 2013 on WNZK AM 690 radio www.RadioBaladi.com and discusses two issues, the lawsuit mess involving McDonalds and claims that back in 2011 it falsely claimed it was selling Halal Chicken, and some comments and discussion about President Barack Obama's trip to Israel and Palestine and the deep disappointment many Palestinians have with Obama's failure to stand up for justice and what is right. The extremists, though, take it to the far extreme and reject everything and despite my own dissapppointment with Obama I think we need to always grasp at hope that peace will come. Compromise is the ONLY solution. One State won't work and can't happen, and two-states is being massacred.

McDonalds in Dearborn and Halal. We had guest Paul Levy of the Citizens legal group set up by Ralph Nader 30 years ago talk about why he and the ACLU got involved to defend the rights of Majed Moughni who objected to a settlement of the class action lawsuit. The Judge and Lawyers came down hard on Majed and censored him but Levy was able to step in and reverse the truly unfair decision against Majed.

Click here for  Majed's Facebook Page.

Here is a story on what happened originally, on the resolution of the Class Action lawsuit.

Here is a story on Majed's fight against McDonalds.

Here's a link to the Public Citizen's Litigation group that defended Majed's right to speak out

Clearly McDonald's screwed up and the lawyers representing the class action lawsuit made a major public relations mistake by trying to silence Majed. He has the right to object. The effort to silence Majed made this an even bigger case than it was and raises questions about the judge involved and raises even more serious questions about McDonalds which is the target of a growing boycott that is not about to stop. Why would they silence Majed unless they feared what he had to say?

On Barack Obama, we didn't spend a lot of time on this but will moving foward. Many people are disappointed with Obama's one-sided comments and his failure to take substantive action to resolve the Palestine-Israel conflict. His trip did little to make things better but the fanatics have gone off the deep end, I think, in attacking him. It's ok to criticize Obama but it's not okay to promote hatred as some -- I said SOME -- continue to do. We have to reject the hate-driven fanatics and push for moderation.

-- Ray Hanania