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03-27-15 Seth Frantzman of the Jerusalem Post on Israeli elections

March 31, 2015

Seth Frantzman, Op-Ed Editor of the Jerusalem Post, engages in a candid conversation analyzing the March 17 Israeli election results, challenges facing Israeli-Palestinian peace, and the reality of the hard right Likud party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Centrist Zionist Union led by Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni. Frantzman points out that most hardcore religious Jews in Israel live in Israel and only a few are involved in the settler movement, which Palestinians and the world declare as illegal. He notes that a difference between the hardright and the centrist Zionists is that the Centrists do want two-states in a large part to separate themselves from the Palestinians and preserve the Jewish State, while the Likud rejects the Two-State Solution and seeks to annex the occupied lands without annexing more Palestinian non-Jews. Frantzman also agrees that the real significant story that was played down in the media was the performance of the Joint Arab List headed by Ayman Odeh which won the 3rd largest number of seats in the Knesset (13) behind the Likud (30) and the Zionist Union (24). Click here for election result details.

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