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04-06-17 Israel builds ties to Christians, while Arabs remain AWOL

April 20, 2017

Israel builds ties to Christians, while Arabs remain AWOL

Published in the Arab News April 6, 2017

By Ray Hanania

Israel has expanded its powerful and effective public relations campaign to create a voice to appeal to American Christians, while the Arab World continues to ignore the growing needs of Christians in the Middle East.

Christians have continued to suffer in the Middle East and the Muslim World as Arab and Muslim leaders have urged their media to downplay stories that highlight tensions with the Christian minority.

But Christians argue that Muslims and Arabs need to do more to address their needs, including addressing their concerns in public forums where the topics have been taboo and marginalized and to support their Christian communities not just in the Arab World but in Israel, too.

Israel, on the other hand, is making the concerns of Christians one of their top priorities, giving a license to an American Christian evangelical group to broadcast their issues, and support of Israel, to Christians throughout the Middle East and Muslim World.