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05-06-12 Radio Chicagoland Township, Syria and more

May 8, 2012

Radio Chicagoland on WSBC 1240 AM in Chicagoland and Northern Illinois, and WCFJ 1470 Am radio in the Southlands and Northwest Indiana with host Ray Hanania, Sunday May 6, 2012. www.RadioChicagoland.com

- 8 AM - Bryan Smith is the Executive Director of the Township Officials of Illinois. The Township Officials of Illinois have released a report by noted researcher Wendell Cox that finds that townships in the Chicagoland area and Illinois provide valuable services to taxpayers and that these townships are now unfairly under attack. The report shows that small local governments, such as townships, spend and borrow less than other forms of government; give individuals a close connection and accountability with their elected officials; save taxpayers money; and provide top-notch, coordinated services. The full report can be found at (Click here)

- 8:30 AM - Syrian American Council member Sana Khatib discusses the fight to unseat Bashar al-Assad as president-for-life and dictator of Syria. She's also the coordinator of the Text for Syria Campaign at www.text4syria.com