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05-11-12 Radio Baladi Lina Matta, Hasan Nawash, Joumana Kayrouz

May 14, 2012

Radio Baladi with host Ray Hanania Friday May 11, 2012, 8 am EST www.RadioBaladi.com, with guests:

8 am (Detroit): Lina Matta of the ANA Contemporary Arab film series starts on Wednesday May 9th and runs thru the 15th in New York. For more information, visit online at www.anaarabcinema.com.

8:20 Hasan Nawash of the Palestine Center of Detroit discusses the upcoming Nakba commemoration dinner in Dearborn, Michigan May 20

8:40 am Detroit attorney Joumana Kayrouz discusses the upcoming 2012 Lebanon Emigrant Beauty pre-Pageant competition being held in Dearborn May 24. The American pre-pageant competition, open to Lebanese American women between the ages of 17 and 27, will be held Thursday, May 24 at the Greenfield Banquet Hall, 4770 Greenfield, in Dearborn, Michigan. The winner of the Dearborn beauty pageant will join pre-pageant winners from more than 35 other countries at Castle Assouf in Dhour Shweir, Lebanon on August 11. Get information at www.MissLebanonEmigrants.com. Clcik here to read the release