Ray Hanania’s Podcast: Mainstream & Middle East

05-27-12 Radio Chicagoland

May 27, 2012

Radio Chicagoland Sunday May 27, 2012 with host Ray Hanania and co-hosts Kheir Fakhreldine and Nada Tadros. Includes an interview with Julie Annerino who hosts pinupsforRonPaul.com, also discussions of NATO, protests, the power of Arabs, writing, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and more


The NATO fallout. What happened (if anything)? Was it worth the inconvenience, etc.? There has been a lot written about this in various places.

The judge's decision in the NDAA case that the government's simple assertion of "providing material support to terrorism" is too broad, especially when it applies to journalists. Here's Democracy Now's report: Click Here. They had an accompanying interview with plaintiff Chris Hedges on the same show.

The feud between Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Ricketts family over Joe Ricketts' support for the attack ad plan against Obama and the Ricketts' desire for the mayor's cooperation in improvements to Wrigley Field. Trib has had a lot on this. Here's one of the latest: Click here

Memorial Day: We all love the veterans.

The NYPD's profiling of Arabs in New Jersey gets the OK from NJ's attorney general. But CAIR's lawyer still expects the courts will side with Arabs' religious freedoms and right to equal justice under law. Here's a Democracy Now report: Click here

Sen Toi Hutchinson proposes a strip club tax with money to go to support rape crisis counseling centers. The implication is strip clubs promote rapes. Is that appropriate our just pandering to "good causes guilt?" Click to read Tribune story