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06-08-17 Kathy Griffin and the anti-Trump Jihadists

June 8, 2017

06-08-17 Kathy Griffin and the anti-Trump Jihadists

Ray Hanania's column from the Arab News newspaper published June 7, 2017 on the extremism in the mainstream American news media and biased politics against President Donald Trump and how that same hate media has fueled racism against Arabs, Muslims and Palestinians. For more information visit www.TheDailyHookah.com

This column focuses on the hypocrisy of the American left and the biased mainstream American news media which attacks President Trump hypocritically and with distortions, disguising its own role in fueling racism and hatred against Arabs, Muslims, Palestinians and other minorities in America. A recent symbol of this hypocrisy is the outrageous actions of disgusting comedian Kathy Griffin who held up a fake, bloodied severed head of President Trump recently.

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