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06-12-20 Arab Radio Protests, Riots and Looters Oh My

June 13, 2020

06-12-20 Arab Radio Protests, Riots and Looters Oh My

Arab Radio Host Ray Hanania discusses the Black Lives Matter Protests and the horrible looting, arson and violence that took place under the cover of the protests that followed the killing of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis.

While most people denounced the Floyd killing only a few seemed to denounce the looting, arson and riots and seemed to take offense at those who criticized Black Lives Matter for not denouncing the violence strongly enough. In fact, although Floyd's brother urged an end to the violence and looting 10 days after his brother was killed the Floyd family lawyer who presumably is preparing a massive million dollar lawsuit against the Minneapolis Police blamed the looting and rioting on the Police and the history of police violence against Blacks.

Read Ray Hanania's report in the Arab News about the stores in Chicago that were looted and burned to the ground that the major news media and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot ignored by clicking here.

Many Americans have been bullied into silence about the looting, arson and violence that coupled with the Black Lives Matter protests and have been called racist for questioning BLM failures of leadership. Chicago's Mayor Lori Lightfoot has put the blame for problems on the police and it seemed that not enough was being done to arrest the looters, arsonists and thugs who were on television almost 24/7 destroying property.

Among the collateral damage of the looters and rioting were Arab American-owned grocery stores in the inner-city. No one wanted to talk about the violence against Arabs by the looters and BLM protestors. Arab owned stores were destroyed in Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Minneapolis, Florida, New York and other cities -- although sources said Arab stores in Greatwer Detroit were spared the violence, and yet no one spoke out in their defense. No one offered support for their suffering. In fact, many people argued that destruction of property is not a major concern like taking a life, pushing aside the destruction by the looters and riotrs as unimportant.

Certainly places like Chicago seemed to take a backseat to the violence not wanting to provoke the protestors more.

We talk about that and more during this segment of US Arab Radio's The Arab Street Radio with Ray Hanania, June 12, 2020.

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Ray Hanania is the U.S. Correspondent for the Arab News Newspaper. Email him at rghanania@gmail.com.