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07-10-20 Brenda Jones Arab Radio PODCAST

July 10, 2020

Brenda Jones candidate for Detroit's 13th Congressional District

Challenging first term incumbent Rashida Tlaib

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I am very honored this morning to have as my guest Brenda Jones, the President of the Detroit City Council and candidate for Congress in Michigan’s 13th District challenging first term incumbent Rashida Tlaib.

Brenda Jones won a special election to fill the remainder of the term of Congressman John Conyers, who was a good friend of mine for many years. Despite serving only a brief five-week tenure, Congresswoman Jones voted 77 times and sponsored two pieces of legislation while representing Michigan's 13th Congressional District.

There were two concurrent elections on August 7, 2018 to succeed Congressman John Conyers who died on Dec. 5, 2017. 

The first was a special election which was held on Aug 7, 2018 to complete Conyers’ remaining term of office (five weeks). 

The second election was held to fill Conyer’s vacant seat and represent the 13th district in the new two-year term. 

Jones defeated Tlaib in the special election by a vote of 32,727 to Tlaib who had 31,084 with only four candidates in the race. But Tlaib defeated Jones in the two-year term election by a vote of 27,841 to Jones who had 26,941 votes with six total candidates including three other African Americans.

In this year’s rematch, Jones has been endorsed by all four of the candidates who ran in that 2018 election, Coleman Young, Ian Conyers, Shannelle Jackson and Bill Wild.

Jones has been endorsed by many others including by retired Judge Greg Mathis, one of the most popular judges who served on the District Court. And she is running against Rashida Tlaib in a one-on-one race August 4, 2020.

Jones was elected to the Detroit City Council in November 2005 and is in her third term. Since 2014 she has serviced as the City Council President working diligently to bring jobs, economic opportunities, neighborhood revitalization, and educational resources to all, positively impacting the quality of life for residents, public safety personnel, senior citizens, small business owners, government employees, veterans, and union members.

By the way, I have repeatedly invited Rashida Tlaib to join me on this radio show and to allow me to interview her for newspaper profiles, features and she has refused … her refusal has been very personal and I won’t go into the specifics but she has attacked me repeatedly and block me from her social media because I am an award winning columnist who has been a reporter and columnist for more than 45 years … and I will not be bullied.

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